A shared love of reading

My eldest daughter is a veracious reader .  A love of reading is something  I try to encourage in all my children (not easy) but Sophie is the one who seems to love it most.  Yesterday evening when she arrived home from school we were discussing what we might do over the weekend and she said that she wanted to go to Galway to buy a new book.  “Great what book do you want to get”, I asked?. Then she uttered the words I thought I would never hear, “Wuthering Heights”.  Once I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor, I had to stop myself from breaking into a sloppy grin or god forbid shedding a tear.  “That’s your favourite book isn’t mum”?  “Yes baby ,my all time favourite book”. 

I am already envisaging the wonderful discussions we are going to have and I can’t wait to see if she loves it as much as I did at thirteen.  Either way I have decided to get her a very special edition.  Something she will always have.




About Caroline N. Duggan

Probably the best job in the world. Everyday I help millions of people access training and education for free. Passionate about brands and the psychology behind why we love some and loathe others . Part-time lecturer in Marketing Communications. Co founder of Center Jewellers. Wife, Mum, Lifelong Learner. Connecting from the beautiful city of Galway, Ireland.
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One Response to A shared love of reading

  1. That’s great to have reader’s in the family. There is so much to gain from it.. have you been to PL?

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