2014 – The year of the reunions

Yes the twenty year anniversaries are rolling around and this September I will have two college reunions to attend.  The first, The Diploma in Marketing Practise reunion, which will take place on September 5th some place in Galway.  Details of this reunion have yet to be finalised but Ann Walsh at NUI Galway is doing an amazing job co-ordinating the event.  So make sure you connect with Ann to get all the details.

NUIGalway image 2

The second is the class of 1994 BSc. Management class  and the Advanced Diploma in Marketing Techniques, Dublin Institute of Technology, which will take place on Saturday 13th of September in Odessa on Dame Street, DublinBill Boucher and Conor Lynch are organising the event so again make sure you connect with them on LinkedIn to get all the updates.  Also please pass the word on to anyone else with whom you are still in touch.  It would be great to have as many there as possible.


So twenty years is a long.. long.. long time. I am really looking forward to catching up with all the old faces (less of the old please Caroline), and reminiscing about all the wild and wonderful days behind the famous red door on Mountjoy square.

Now I need to get back to writing my 15000 word dissertation for my Journalism masters Help!!!



About Caroline N. Duggan

Probably the best job in the world. Everyday I help millions of people access training and education for free. Passionate about brands and the psychology behind why we love some and loathe others . Part-time lecturer in Marketing Communications. Co founder of Center Jewellers. Wife, Mum, Lifelong Learner. Connecting from the beautiful city of Galway, Ireland.
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2 Responses to 2014 – The year of the reunions

  1. Aideen says:

    Oh my god I love your memories “wild and wonderful”. Captures it completely. Can’t wait to catch up! B lots nails, eyes, tan going on! Lol. Maybe anti wrinkle cream. Love to relive a toastie and a pint in the “Hill 16” too

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